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Circus Club

Circus Club is a student ran high school club created by Owen Blenker and Gabe Hansen. This club was made to display the serious no-nonsense side of the circus job field. This club is taken 100% seriously and has a strict no games policy. We have had 3 meetings over the course of the second semester of the 2023 school year which have included lessons on:
  • Goals and aspirations in Circus Club
  • The history of the circus
  • How to juggle
  • An in depth analysis of the "This is Me" music video from the hit movie The Greatest Showman
  • A guest speaker who actually works in the circus (shoutout Natalie Frank)
  • Piling 9 clowns in a car and driving around the block
On April 28, the Circus Club Field Trip was announced. As of right now if you are an NHS student you can still sign up for it. It is open to the public, visiting the Circus World Muesum in Baraboo, WI. Contact Owen Blenker for details.

You can find our debut interview on our school news here, and attached is our yearbook photo where we will be recognized later this year.

Circus Club announced its collapse on May 27th, 2023.